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Joint Injuries Affect our Daily Lives in Centennial CO in an Extreme Way.


Joint injuries can happen in a moment or after continuous misuse.  Whether your injury happened yesterday, or it’s a chronic pain you’ve been dealing with for years, we have a solution for you!  Start your path to a pain free life today!


Our team at Keystone Health & Wellness Center can help with the following joints:

Knee  •  Shoulder  •  Hips  •  Elbow  •  Wrists  •  Ankles  •  Fingers


Surgery Is Not Always the Solution To Joint Injury!


Medical professionals often suggest surgery or prescription medication as a first source of treatment for a joint injury.   At Keystone Health & Wellness Center, we believe in less invasive methods to allow the body to heal itself.


Surgery can often create further issues down the road, not to mention the recovery periods and costs. Rarely, does an insurance policy cover the entire expense of a surgery.  Suddenly, you have a recovery road in front of you, time off of work, medical bills, and a need for prescription medications for pain management.  Before you try surgery, we recommend that you try our less invasive and expensive treatment plan.


How Can I Avoid Surgery For My Joint Injury?


This statement may be a stretch, but we’re going to say it anyway:  Everyone, at some point, will experience a joint injury.  Our joints are the basis of all daily movements, and they work very hard continually to allow us simple movements such as getting out of bed, climbing stairs, opening doors, and more complex movements such as playing sports or doing manual labor.  As our joints age, injuries become more common.  Typically, joint injuries are the result of individual trauma to the joint, or continual and excessive use over time that results in damaged ligaments.


Ligaments surround the joints and work somewhat like rubber bands on either side of your joint, holding all of it together.  Over time, or in one moment, ligaments can become torn, stretched, or strained.  This is called a sprain, and it can be extremely painful.  Sprains vary as depending on the extent of the damage, and are often diagnosed in a range from mild to severe.


Muscle ligament strains and sprains can cause painful symptoms including pain, swelling, loss of range of motion, or an inability to move the joint. Ligaments have two distinguishing characteristics that make ligament injuries especially painful.  First, they have limited blood supply making it hard for the tissue to replenish its nutrients and heal itself.  Second, ligaments contain numerous nerve endings, which makes the injury sensitive and extremely painful.


So, how do I avoid surgery?  Our modern medical solution allows you to avoid surgery and heal your joint pain with our noninvasive and natural remedy.  At our Centennial, CO office, our main goal is to get to the bottom of your pain, and fix it at the source.


Our medical team at Keystone Health & Wellness Center will create a customized care plan to help with the following joint injury symptoms:

Pain  •  Soreness  •  Aches  •  Tenderness  •  Swelling  •  Redness  •  Bruising  •  Weakness  •  Numbness  •  Locking  •  Stiffness  •  Reduced range of motion


We Offer Innovative Treatment for Joint Pain and Injuries!


At Keystone Health & Wellness Center, we offer noninvasive and modern treatment plans for your joint pain and injury. Our all-natural and holistic joint injections reduce inflammation and swelling, improving the blood supply bringing nutrients to your ligaments and surrounding tissue. As blood flow increases to your joint, bringing nutrients, your body is able to begin to heal itself and repair the damaged joint.


You can experience quick, easy, and painless healing in this outpatient procedure. Our targeted joint injections aid in the natural healing process, alleviating you of your pain without expensive surgeries or pain medications.  After a 10 minute doctor’s visit, you can get back to enjoying your life, and all that goes with it!



" Keystone Health & Wellness has helped me reduce daily joint pain caused by years of martial arts, work, and daily wear and tear.

- D Duyer


" When I started with Keystone Health & Wellness, I had severe stiffness in my hips that made me walk hunched over after sitting for long periods. I was unable to walk for more than 10-15 minutes at a time, and my beck would stay stiffed and cramped. Within a few weeks of my therapy starting, I noticed a huge difference. I could walk again on the track at work. I could sit for more than thirty minutes without my hips locking up. I even lost between 12 and 15 pounds!

- B Blackwell

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