Reactions to allergens can create inflammation in the body thereby possibly resulting in fatigue and body or joint pain.

Find relief from your allergies.

Our comprehensive allergy treatment program offers you the relief you’ve been looking for. We use homeopathic treatments to reduce your symptoms without the side effects of drugs or other harsh chemicals. With our expert care, we’ve helped people recover from their allergies and experience long-term benefits.

Get your allergy questions answered.

Which allergies do you test for?

We test for a wide range of different allergies, including food allergies, hay fever and other seasonal allergies, skin allergies, and others.

If I test positive, can you treat my allergies?

Yes, we have a full program of holistic, natural, and homeopathic treatments that we use to treat allergies. Every individual is different, and your treatment program will be tailored to address your specific needs.

What do you do to treat food allergies?

We believe in using allergen-specific therapies that are designed to target a specific food with a precise treatment for that exact food. This includes different types of immunotherapy, traditional naturalistic medicine, and probiotics.