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In treating our patients we are often dealing with more than a single symptom: back or joint pain, chronic fatigue, soreness, muscle stiffness, etc. In addition to correcting muscular imbalances and spine conditions, it is important to address environmental factors that could be creating inflammation.

Allergies is one of these inflammatory factors, as reactions to allergens can create inflammation in the body thereby possibly resulting in fatigue and body or joint pain.

Is allergy testing covered by insurance?

Many health insurance carriers do cover allergy testing and immunotherapy, subject to deductibles and copays. A complimentary check of your insurance benefits would be performed before any testing or treatment is performed so that you are informed of any out-of-pocket costs beforehand. Some policies even cover allergy services at 100% with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

How do I get allergy treatment?

Step 1: Screening

In this step, you fill out an allergy questionnaire to determine if you have medical necessity for allergy testing. Allergies can manifest in more ways than just the commonly known symptoms such as hay fever and sore throat. It is important than any relevant symptoms are not missed.

Step 2: Allergy Testing

There are multiple testing options available to address your specific needs. Our allergy tests can include 28 different foods and/or 40 environmental factors, such as weeds, grasses or pollen. Tests are administered either by finger prick or through a skin scratch test.

Step 3: The Results

Skin scratch test results are available immediately after the test is completed (a 20-minute procedure).  Finger prick test results are available 5-7 days once the test is completed. 

Step 4: Immunotherapy

Sublingual (under the tongue) and subcutaneous (under the skin) treatments are available in our center to help your body build up its immune system against the positive allergens found through the allergy test. 

"After suffering from allergies for over 40 years, from ragweed, pollen, cat dander, etc. I was advised of the opportunity to have an allergy test and treatment through Keystone. I found out that I was allergic to more than I knew and they created a custom series of injections to match my allergens. I've been doing the injections weekly for six months and am having fewer reactions. We even got a cat for my son and I am not having adverse reactions at all. I have been recommending this therapy both locally and nationally due to its great effectiveness. After a year, I expect to be allergy free! Thank you for providing this great service!!"

- Patient K.M.


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