Durable Medical Equipment

Orthopedic specialists can customize a brace based on your condition, injury, activity level, and lifestyle.

Relieve chronic pain.

If you’re experiencing chronic knee pain, lower back pain, or wrist pain, durable medical equipment can be a great way to relieve it and prevent it from coming back again in the future.

Get your questions answered about durable medical equipment.

How often do I need to wear my durable medical equipment?

The exact guidelines for how often any brace should be worn will vary from person to person. Following an injury, you will want to wear the brace as much as possible, based on our guidance, so that the injury can heal. Where braces are recommended for ongoing therapeutic purposes, you will want to work up to wearing the brace throughout the day so that it is as comfortable as possible without chafing or discomfort.

Will insurance cover durable medical equipment?

It depends on the plan and the type of brace that is required. To discuss insurance options, please contact us for more information.