4 Unconventional Reasons to Lose Weight

4 Unconventional Reasons to Lose Weight

Losing weight and getting healthy is one of the top priorities of people who battle with obesity. Just about everyone has tried a fad diet or a new exercise routine and spent hours at the gym only to observe no difference at all. Most of the times it is not the lack of effort, but simply a need for an alternative approach for losing weight.

Diet and exercise have become the focus for the majority of people attempting to lose weight. For some people, this might yield results, while for many it might not. Under such a scenario choosing a medical weight loss program might prove to effective. As such a program is designed, supervised and undertaken by medical professionals the chances of success are higher. The whole plan can be tailored to fit your individual needs.

But before you choose the medical way to get fit, you need to have solid reasons for doing so. Avoiding heart disease and looking ‘gorgeous’ is not always the only reasons to lose weight. However, there are certain ways your life can change when you get rid of that flab.

But before we delve into those reasons, you first need to clear your head.

Forget for a moment about looking good:

Forget about abs and guns and zero figure and whatever other synonyms that are now being used to describe various body parts. While you are reading this, forget about the image of a perfect body that the internet and social media has created in your head. Forget about body image!

Stop thinking about diseases:

You need to forget about all the big-name medical scares that include atherosclerosis, arterial plague, cardiac arrest, pulmonary hypertension, stroke, all the cancers, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Just for a few minutes let all of these fears go.

And the most important, empty the concept of ‘health at any size’ from your head:

This movement goes a step too far and makes people believe that obesity is completely harmless. That it is not bad for your health. That having too much body fat is not an issue. Because it is simply not the truth; it contradicts most of the available evidence.

Each of these concepts somehow masks the real significant reasons that you need to consider losing weight. The mainstream conversation about being overweight focuses on how fat can kill us. Although these make for great headlines, they are not very appealing reasons to lose weight.

The conclusion of it all is that scary disease statistics and unrealistic body weight goals are not very powerful motivators for weight loss. There are much better reasons to lose weight, more evidence-based, more quality of life focused reasons. Unfortunately, they are not very frequently talked about in public debate. So let us enlighten you with these reasons!

Your joints will be grateful to you:

Osteoarthritis is a joint degenerative disease, that causes the cartilage between your joints to deteriorate and eventually destroy your bones. Healthy people do not give this condition a second thought as it is common. Most people tend to think it is normal, but it is the exact opposite of that!

Like the majority of the long-term conditions, osteoarthritis is a vicious cycle. Your joints start to hurt so you move less, your muscles weaken, weakened muscles mean the cartilage is getting damaged gradually. The deterioration of cartilage results into worsening of your condition and the cycle goes on and on.

So you might be thinking, what is the point? Well, the truth is that the people who are overweight are much more likely to get this disease than the ones who are not. Thus, one of the most important reasons to lose weight is to reduce joint pain and improve your movement.

You will sleep better:

People with excess body fat are more prone to getting sleep apnea. In this condition, the upper airway of your respiratory system gets obstructed, cutting off the oxygen tunnel. Sleep apnea is much more than snoring, FYI!

Sleep apnea means you stop breathing. Again and again and again. As you sleep. Does not sound too pleasant, does it?

Excess body fat increases your risk of getting this condition. Fat in your respiratory tract narrows the space available. This makes your airway more vulnerable to blockage. Thus, another crucial reason to lose weight is so that you can sleep peacefully at night. Not only does losing weight helps regulate metabolism, hormone systems, and more. It also helps you to feel, think and live better.

Your taste buds will come back to life:

Although this may sound strange, it is true! People who battle with excess body weight do not taste their food too well.

People, who eat more food are unable to taste their food? Sadly this is true for many out there.

People differ in how well and sensitively they can distinguish various flavors and textures such as fattiness or sweetness. A theory suggests that because people cannot taste that well, they start eating more food to compensate. Many overweight people have altered flavor perception. The disturbed flavor perception could be a major contributor to weight gain.

The bottom line is that obese people have an altered taste perception which leads them to eat more and more of the wrong foods. By losing weight you will end up craving less high-sugar and high-fat food. You might also start enjoying an extra veggie or two!

You will get back your energy as your immune system will work better:

Weight loss is often associated with a better immune system and rightly so. Having the right amount of fats can help in increasing your energy levels. Whereas if you eat in excess, your energy levels drop.

This is because too much adipose tissue can release large amounts of immune chemicals. Over time, this chronic exposure tends to obstruct the body’s innate ability to protect you from various infections and diseases.

Hence, another significant reason to lose body fat is to stimulate the immune system. This means that when you choose to lose weight medically, you are choosing a healthier life for yourself.

Now that you have these 4 convincing reasons to lose weight, nothing should stop you from finding a medical weight loss center in Centennial. Fight that flab and embrace a healthier you!