Germs: Best Defense is a Good Offense!

Germs: Best Defense is a Good Offense!

It is very easy to spread germs in an office environment. And while there are many things one can do to decrease exposure to harmful germs, there are no guarantees you will not become exposed.

Your best defense against harmful germs will always be a strong immune system. A strong immune system will help determine just how ill you may or may not become. Our best recommendation to you is to implement the steps listed in the following pages. We know not everyone will do this. Regardless, we recommend that you implement as many of these steps as you can. This is a highly beneficial lifestyle change and will positively affect your overall health.

Immune Boosting Guide

1. Get plenty of good, quality sleep.

Studies show that people who don’t get enough sleep, or don’t get enough quality sleep, are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus. The average amount of sleep needed by adults is between 7 and 8 hours every night.

2. Key immune supporting nutrients are Vitamins A, C, D, E & Zinc.

We recommend you get these by eating a healthy diet containing these beneficial nutrients as well as getting outside in the sun and exposing some skin! Cells in your skin utilize the sun’s rays to generate Vitamin D! Oral supplements are also helpful.

During cold and flu season, when fighting a virus or feeling under the weather, we strongly recommend nutrient IV (intravenous- administered through a vein) drips as well as Vitamin D and B12 shots as determined by a knowledgeable physician.

3. Decrease sugar consumption.

Sugar consumption negatively affects the immune system in both direct and indirect ways. After consuming sugar, the effectiveness of your white blood cells (one of your key immune defenders) decreases for up to five hours. Sugar can negatively affect your sleep patterns leading to loss of good, quality sleep that is necessary for a strong immune system. If you feel like eating or drinking something sweet, your healthiest option is a piece of fruit or add a splash of juice to seltzer water.

4. Drink in moderation, and not daily.

Any alcohol consumption depletes valuable Zinc which is required by the immune system for optimal function.

5. Minimize stress.

Try getting outside and riding a bike or going for a walk! This has a double benefit. Nature and exercise are effective stress relieving activities. Additionally, being outside in the sunshine allows your body to generate Vitamin D! Put on your gym shoes, expose some skin, and reap the benefits!

How to Defeat "Desk Job" Health Challenges

Our Colorado workforce is presented with numerous health challenges as an office worker or desk job employee. To help combat these challenges, Keystone Health & Wellness Center offers easy desk job solutions to a sedentary lifestyle.

Provided in this post is an excerpt from our complete guide, “How to Defeat Desk Job Health Challenges“.

"Thanks to Keystone l am back to a plan of recovery from injury’s that a suffered from a Automotive accident were it left me completely paralyzed. The staff are a great bunch of professionals that care for everyone. I have made a lot of progress in the short time of being there and greatly anticipation even more progress of recovery!"

Doug C.

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