Health Fairs

We provide an all-inclusive health fair production service where we provide all needed coordination, planning, scheduling, arranging, and implementation.

Zero Cost

Our Health Fair services are rendered at no cost. Unless there are special giveaways, food, or such that you wish to provide, all planning and organizational costs are covered by us 100%. Relieves work-related issues such as neck, shoulder tension and back pain


We all know that Health Fairs are no small task! Despite the great benefit they can be for your employees, they can take a large toll on the workload and time commitment of your HR/Benefits Representative.

Employee Benefit

Employees love Health Fairs! It gives them a chance to gain new information concerning their health in the way of free screenings, health checks and evaluations. Furthermore, a Health Fair presents them with the opportunity to learn about all of the benefits your company provides and how this ties into their well-being. Show your employees you care with a Health Fair!

The Meeting

Our Health Fair Directors want to assist with every aspect of your Health Fair. This is where we learn all about what we can provide for you.


Next, we set a date and the time of the event. Typically, we suggest a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for 3-4 hours earlier in the day.


Our Health Fair Directors liaise with all other vendors, set up space planning and all logistics. We put on the whole event from start to finish!