Hormone Therapy

Our practitioners get to the root of the problem to discover WHY our patients aren’t feeling well and help them do something about it.

Tired? Mood Swings? Low Sex Drive?

Hormone therapy can produce remarkable results. Unfortunately, most traditional medical practices aren’t able to take the time to find out WHY patients don’t feel like themselves anymore. Instead, they write prescriptions for antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication, sleeping pills and other drugs that simply mask symptoms.

We have found that the root of the problem can be solved without resorting to medical drugs. We use bio-identical hormone therapy, where the structure of the hormone — testosterone, estrogen or both — is matched to the individual patient’s needs.

What are Bio-Identical Hormones?

Bio-identical hormones are natural, plant-based substances that metabolize in our bodies the way nature intended.

Age is Just a Number

Our practitioners treat patients as young as the 20s and into the 90s. Each patient decides how long he or she wants to look and feel their best and experience a higher quality of life, and how long they wish to continue on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

I am SO HAPPY that I received bio-identical hormone pellets from Keystone!

I was literally suffering with anxiety, low energy, and insomnia. I didn’t think it was due to my hormones — just life. My bloodwork showed a different picture. Within 48 hours of having the pellets inserted, it felt like the anxiety just lifted! And I don’t get irritable easily. I am also now sleeping like a baby and have all my energy back! The procedure was way easier than I thought it was going to be and only took a few minutes. Thank you to the Keystone Team for your professionalism and care! — C.S.

Get your hormone therapy questions answered.

How does hormone therapy work?

The hormones come in pellets that release testosterone or estrogen into the bloodstream based on heart rate activity, in other words, due to increased physical activity or emotional stress (good or bad). This steady stream of hormones helps keep mood and energy fluctuations at bay.

Is it safe?

Yes, hormone therapy is safe. While a relatively small number of men and women experience side effects from hormone therapy, our practitioners can discuss any potential risks due to specific medical conditions.

What can be treated with hormone therapy?

Low libido, menopause, erectile dysfunction, and low testosterone are some of the conditions that can be treated with hormone therapy.