Pain Relief

The Pain Relief Program You’ve Been Looking For

For many people, pain is a daily struggle. You might experience muscle aches and pains after working out or have chronic back pain that won’t go away. The root of the problem could be injury, nerve pain, arthritis, or any number of other causes. At Keystone Health and Wellness we take an alternative approach to helping you get relief from your discomfort without relying on drugs or painkillers.

Get your pain relief questions answered.

What does your pain relief treatment consist of?

Our pain relief treatment consists of a holistic, results-based, individualized program designed to locate the actual cause of your pain and effectively address it. Our goal is to help you manage your pain in a natural, drug-free way. We are proud to offer the latest technology and treatments with an emphasis on chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutrition counseling, and physical therapy.

Will I have to repeat this treatment again in the future?

If you commit to lifestyle changes and continue to visit our practice on a regular basis, pain should stay under control. Depending on the treatment program you receive, you may need to continue treatment — but it varies from patient to patient. A healthy lifestyle is crucial for managing chronic pain. In addition to our program, it’s important that you get enough sleep every night and try not to drink or smoke too much. We also recommend that you eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly.

Will my insurance cover any of the treatments?

We accept a number of different insurance plans, and coverage depends largely on what treatments will be needed to address your specific pain relief issues. Please contact us to discuss your insurance coverage in more detail.