Effective solutions without harmful drugs or surgery.

Treatment at Keystone Health & Wellness Center is geared toward improving your quality of life and functional abilities.  

Provided below are the multitude of treatments that our providers use to bring about excellent and long-term results.

Physical Medicine


Our robust rehabilitation program includes a head-to-toe approach in restoring your muscular imbalances that has been causing you pain and discomfort. We provide more than just symptom relief, with our tailor-made muscle strengthening regimen, enabling you to get back to the life you love.

Posture Correction

Are you concerned about the condition of your posture? We can help. Not only do we correct the structural factors which are affecting your day-to-day postural composition, we also address any muscular weakness and imbalances that could be worsening the condition.

Orthopedic Bracing & Orthotics

From your wrist to your knees, or even lower back, we provide top shelf orthopedic bracing to assist in symptomatic relief while addressing the root cause of your pain with structural and rehabilitative correction. Most bracing equipment is covered by insurance and is subject to verification and pre-authorization.

Advanced Spinal Care

Our expert chiropractors hold more than 50 years of experience between them, setting us apart from your typical chiropractic experience. Our doctors are certified in numerous techniques from which they can draw up the right method of treatment perfect for your ailments and comfort level.

Regenerative Medicine

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Utilizing your body's natural resources to heal, Platelet Rich Plasma may be used to treat arthritic joints or injured tissue. To find out if this is the right option for you, schedule a medical evaluation with our qualified Nurse Practitioner.

Regenerative Medicine

Wharton's Jelly and Umbilical Cord Blood properties have been shown to help repair muscle, bone, cartilage and tendons. Research has indicated that these may benefit a wide variety of diseases and physical conditions. Schedule a free consultation to see if this is an option for you.

Additional Services

Allergy Testing & Treatment

We test a full battery of environmental and pet allergies that could be creating inflammation, fatigue, as well as your common allergy symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, hay fever, etc. Following this 20-minute procedure, we will procede with your immunotherapy, a series of weekly shots to help build your immune system against any positive allergens resulting in the reduction or elimination of your allergy symptoms.

Diagnostic Testing

Our Nurse Practitioner is proficient in administering several advanced diagnostic tests for patients with indications of nerve damage or dysfunction or reduced blood flow to the limbs. Tests may include the Ankle-Brachial Index or Nerve Conduction Velocity Test and Electromyography.

IV Nutrition Infusion Therapy

Whether suffering from a long night with little sleep, or chronic fatigue, we provide many different nutritional "cocktails" designed to replenish your body with essential nutrients and increase your mental clarity, focus and energy. Click to see full list of available IV Nutrition Infusion services.

Auto & Personal Injury

Car accidents and impact injuries can result in life-long pain and disability. Our expert practitioners are geared to help you with your auto or personal injury incident to rehabilitate and restore you back to health and normal function.

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