Knee injections treat knee pain, arthritis, osteoarthritic, swelling, and inflammation. At Keystone Health & Wellness Center, the staff offers hyaluronan injections – also known as viscosupplementation. This treatment uses does of hyaluronic acid to target the painful area in your knee and help restore synovial fluid, which helps lubricate and cushion the joint movement in your knee. Viscosupplements go after the cause of the pain rather than the symptoms, by replacing the diseased synovial fluid in your knee joint.

GenVisc (brand) Knee Injections

GenVisc knee injections are a non-surgical treatment option used to relieve knee pain by injecting the fluid directly into the space in your knee joint that contains fluid used for lubrication and cushioning. These injections are generally administered in a series over several weeks and the complete effect can be felt within several weeks or a few months depending on the extent of the problem and pain.

Knee bracing 

Millions suffer from chronic joint pain. Bracing is a clinically proven, safe and effective way to decrease pain and increase quality of life. Wearing a knee brace can help reduce pressure, pain, and joint degeneration. Best results are seen when paired with knee rehabilitation.

Knee Rehab

One effective way of treatment for knee pain is to go for rehabilitation. We will use exercises and other physical activity to work on improving the flexibility, strength, and stability in the joint in order to avoid future knee problems. 

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