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Wellness In The Workplace Seminar Series

If you have a desk job, you spend an average of 12 hours per day looking down at a computer, laptop, phone or tablet. All that looking down creates changes in posture, muscle tissue damage and accelerated neck joint degeneration. Tech neck is being called the new silent epidemic as symptoms typically develop after damage is done. In our interactive seminar, you will be taught to recognize tech neck, given solutions to reverse the damage, relieve the symptoms and what to do to avoid tech neck in an ever increasing technology world! A MUST ATTEND seminar for anyone working at a desk!

It’s becoming more known that posture is vitally important to one’s health! Posture affects every physiological function in the body. Spinal pain, headaches, mood, blood pressure, pulse and lung capacity are among the functions most EASILY influenced by posture. Working at a desk commonly creates poor posture changes. This interactive seminar gives one the tools needed to improve one’s posture and maintain good posture for life!

With an unprecedented 63% of office workers experiencing low back pain, this topic is important for our workforce to be educated on. There are a number of factors that contribute to why low back pain is prevalent in our desk culture and we go over these in this interactive seminar along with how to avoid low back pain and remedies for relief!

Over 50% of desk workers experience neck pain and add to that, 38% experience shoulder pain. That’s a lot of people feeling pain, tension and often nagging discomfort while trying to get work done! This seminar is designed to empower our white collar warriors to understand the causes of neck and shoulder pain, give them solutions and RELIEF! This is an interactive seminar where attendees leave feeling relief and with minds expanded!

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day can wreak havoc on your body! Some muscles shorten and weaken, while others are overworked causing muscle pain and trigger points. This creates a domino effect and produces joint problems, decreased range of motion and can even affect one’s ability to breathe normally. In this interactive and fun seminar, you will learn the best stretches to help keep you healthy while working at a desk! Get ready to stretch!

Some of the most effective methods of staying cold & flu free are 100% natural and easy to do! You don’t have to hide out at home. With the information you learn at this seminar you can create a work and home environment that is pro-actively resistant to these viruses and stay on your feet during this trying time!

Over one-third of Americans experience headaches. Over 55% of those have missed work or school in the last 3 months because of these headaches. That’s a lot of lost production and pain! In this interactive seminar we tackle the possible causes and triggers for headaches and teach attendees how to recognize them! We also give effective solutions for relief and remedies for a life without headaches!

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